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Insights that power what matters: the Current Thinking broadcast

The broadcast series where industry experts and Eaton discuss energy trends and innovative ideas that change how you generate and use power.

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The challenges and opportunities affecting power management are unprecedented: Cyber threats. Sustainability. Digitalization of the modern grid. What does the future hold? 

In every Current Thinking broadcast, industry experts share ideas designed to increase productivity, ensure employee and consumer safety and inspire new power strategies. From energy transition to smart technologies, you'll explore the intelligent devices and innovative solutions that can help you take power management and efficiency to the next level. 



Intelligent power,
intelligent investment

Eaton’s Dan Carnovale and Dave Loucks discuss the rise of intelligent power across traditional and emerging industries. Get examples of the latest in intelligent power management devices and cybersecurity requirements, learn how companies set training objectives to properly implement new technologies and hear how organizations have successfully deployed systems to make the most of their tech investment.

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Dave Loucks
Dave Loucks, manager, power solutions and advanced systems, Eaton
Dan Carnovale
Dan Carnovale, manager, Eaton Experience Center, Pittsburgh


Planning for disaster

ESFI President Brett Brenner and Eaton's Tom Domitrovich headline a spirited discussion on how to prepare for disasters caused by extreme weather events, cyber threats and more. Join us as the panel outlines actions you can take to plan for disaster before, during and after it strikes and highlights the innovative tools you can use to modernize your power infrastructure today. 

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