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AMI and DR utility technology conversion

At Eaton we’re committed to delivering Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Demand Response (DR) solutions for the utility industry and working with utilities to migrate current technology to next-generation solutions.

Worried about being left in the cold?

Nobody likes surprises, especially when they involve critical components within your operations technology platform. But being forced to upgrade due to supplier changes in offerings has become too common in our industry.

We don’t buy into that. Utilities need a flexible platform and partners committed to supporting current systems while planning for the next transition.

Save time and money with Eaton's innovative AMI and DR solutions

Eaton offers a flexible platform that allows utilities to evolve with changing technology, while maintaining control of capital spending and budgets. Our solution is forward and backward compatible, giving you the capacity for future expansion. Implementing our innovative AMI metering and Demand Response solutions does not require across-the-board equipment replacement and configuration, saving you time and money. 

Demand response solutions

Eaton offers software, hardware and service to provide the complete portfolio of demand response alternatives for energy consumers ranging from residential, commercial to large industrial clients.

Load control switch retrofit program

Enhance your load management program by retrofitting your load control switches to utilize Eaton’s future-proof RF network infrastructure. Eaton’s LCR-6700 switch fits in third-party vendor enclosures to minimize the need for rewiring. This cost-effective equipment replacement supports up to three control relays, leverages Eaton’s advanced control algorithms and provides a robust set of two-way performance data.

Advanced metering infrastructure

Eaton's offers industry-leading support and unmatched flexibility to meet the needs of all departments from billing to engineering. Our advanced metering infrastructure solutions allow utilities to deliver uniform support across all service territories.

Transition your current metering system to a high-bandwidth futureproof smart grid network

With Eaton’s resilient RF AMI solution you can seamlessly implement TOU programs, measure peak demand, remotely disconnect and reconnect services, simplify prepaid metering, enable bi-directional metering, identify tampering, receive unsolicited outage and power restoration notifications, stream voltage data, validate demand response/load management events. Monitor and control with downline reclosers, voltage regulators and capacitor bank controls, including unsolicited report by exception functionality to immediately identify out-of-bound conditions.